A Cashmere Love Affair

Posted on August 19 2021

A Cashmere Love Affair

A dream destination for stylish and mindful cashmere garments. 

A sought-after fibre that’s described as ‘soft gold’, cashmere is prized for being one of the softest and fluffiest yarns and is considerably warmer than merino wool.

New Zealand label Modern Love Cashmere appreciates just how luxe and infinitely wearable cashmere can be, and there is truly something for everyone in its collection. Think gorgeous puff-sleeve sweaters, cable-knit cardigans, and ribbed scarves in beautiful colourways, all made from A grade cashmere.

Founded by Jo Lloyd, Modern Love Cashmere covers a gap in the New Zealand market for modern cashmere designs at a realistic price point. Lloyd, like many others, is sensitive to wool and synthetic yarns. She has worn cashmere for many years for its soft and itch-free properties.

Lloyd ensures the purchasing of garments through the Modern Love Cashmere online store is as effortless as possible with free and next-day shipping. She truly appreciates the value of cashmere; customers are encouraged to care for their cashmere by storing it in provided eco-cotton garment bags, infrequent handwashing and using a special wool comb to maintain loose fibres. While cashmere can seem expensive from the outset, Lloyd explains that looking after it with care will ensure longevity and low cost per wear. 

Ethical and sustainable farming practices are also important to Modern Love Cashmere. Its cashmere is sourced from Mongolian farming communities that raise cashmere goats in happy and healthy environments. Importantly, cashmere fleece is collected during the warmer months when the underbelly fleece is naturally shed.

Modern Love Cashmere is truly a dream destination for the contemporary and mindful individual in search of stylish and quality cashmere. Shop the collection at

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