Cashmere Care = Low Cost Per Wear

Posted on August 19 2021

Cashmere Care = Low Cost Per Wear

Below are all the simple care tips needed to have a beautiful timeless investment piece that simply gets better over time.

1: Try and wear a little cami or t-shirt underneath, if possible, to avoid perspiration.

2: Take care with any jewellery to avoid snagging it. And watch out for your handbag rubbing against it also.

3: To avoid make-up marks, drape a scarf over your head when taking your garment on and off.

4: After each wear, if no obvious sign that it requires washing, simply hang on a padded hanger and air for a few hours before stowing it away. As A grade cashmere has long fibres, this is what makes it breathable, so a quick airing is perfect.

5: So, it’s time to wash it for the first time. Just follow the simple steps below:

    a. Fill a basin or tub with tepid warm water (about 30 degrees Celsius) and add some mild detergent or baby shampoo, do not use fabric softener! One of cashmere’s most amazing properties is that it becomes softer over time naturally. Using chemical softeners can actually damage the cashmere fibres.
    b. Gently immerse your sweater in the water, the fibres can become fragile when wet so let the water soak in, do not rub or wring.
    c. Once any marks have soaked out, remove and rinse in cold water, and repeat to remove all soap.
    d. Do not wring the garment, simply let the excess water drip out with a light squeeze then roll in a towel to remove remaining water.
    e. Lie flat out of the sun to dry, gently placing in its required shape.
    f. Never put it in the dryer, if like me you have a garment steamer (which would totally recommend) this is perfect or a light iron over a cotton cloth. Quality cashmere doesn’t stretch or shrink if you follow the care suggestions carefully.

    6: Cashmere can be drycleaned, if stained, but handwashing is definitely the best, and as infrequently as possible. Handwashing may sound a little unappealing at first, with busy lives, but it is actually quite satisfying and really quick and easy.

    7: Quality cashmere doesn’t pill like cheaper wool options, there may be some initially after the first few wears, particularly under the arms or areas where it has rubbed. This isn’t an indication of a lower grade of cashmere, it is due to the long fibres that are loose. Gently remove these with a special comb, maybe a couple of times, and the formation of the little bobbly pills will stop and the garment will continue to soften naturally over time.

    8: Keep your cashmere garment in its Modern Love Cashmere eco cotton bag to keep it safe and protected from moths in your drawer. (more on that under my “Moths have expensive taste” blog).

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