Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Posted on August 19 2021

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Here at Modern Love Cashmere, it is really important to us, and our planet, that we align with suppliers and partners who support safe, ethical and sustainable farming and production practices. 

From supporting local communities in Mongolia by ensuring economic development and prosperity, which then promotes better grassland farming practices and the health and happiness of the goats, we only work with the best.  This is important to ensure herding behavior is correct and we can advocate for scientific best grazing practices ensuring sustainability of the environment to control the number of goats in pastoral areas.  

All cashmere goats are reared in happy, healthy and cruelty-free environments.  Each goat from each family herd is coded so each batch of cashmere is traceable.  The cashmere fleece is collected during the warmer months when the underbelly fleece is naturally shed.  No animals were harmed in the making of your beautiful garment.    

Industry best standard qualifications:

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