Cashmere All Year

Posted on November 04 2021

Cashmere All Year

Is cashmere wearable all year round in our climate?  The great answer is “Yes”, most definitely! 

Thanks to its almost magical (and I don’t use that term loosely) properties, cashmere has as much of a place in your spring/summer wardrobe as it does your winter one.  It transcends all seasons.

Which is good news, given it is so beautiful and an investment piece in your wardrobe.  It pays to invest in a high-quality cashmere garment, if you intend to wear it more, such as our A grade cashmere sweaters and cardigans.

Not many fabrics or fibres have the ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  So, not something you need to store away in the warmer months.  A light cashmere sweater or cardigan should always be in rotation.  When I say a ‘light’ sweater or cardigan I am referring to 12gge or higher as a tighter, finer knit.

This beautiful fibre is unique, not only in its beauty but also its practicality, in that it has the natural ability to balance body temperature.  Like wool, it is a hollow fibre, although much thinner.  Even the best quality merino isn’t anywhere near as thin.  Measured in microns (human air is 75 for comparison) cashmere fibre is 11-18 microns, where merino is approximately 24, yet cashmere is softer and warmer!  This means, as well as being warmer, it is incredibly light so you can literally wear it all year round.  What’s more, if you take care of it, it won’t pill or lose shape as readily as wool, giving you longevity = lower cost per wear.

Also, if like me, you just cannot bear wool next to your skin in any shape or form as it itches and irritates, cashmere is just heaven.

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