Everyone Deserves A Cashmere Sweater

Posted on May 10 2021

Everyone Deserves A Cashmere Sweater

Every woman, at least once in her life, should treat themselves to the luxury of a cashmere sweater or cardigan.  There is nothing that feels as soft, silky or gorgeous as luxurious cashmere.  It’s actually not so much a treat, but good economics, considering how long cashmere lasts.  If your mantra, like mine, is quality over quantity and buying responsibly, you will already know it is a worthwhile investment.  It goes with everything and will never go out of style. 


Cashmere simply feels amazing

Modern Love Cashmere comes from Mongolia, where the goats grow coats of soft, downy hair to keep them warm in the freezing winter conditions.  Only the finest pieces of this hair are removed carefully with a comb during molting season, and turned into our knitwear, ensuring it is of the highest quality.  You’ll feel this when you slip a soft cashmere sweater on and feel it next to your skin, infinitely wearable - all day, every day. 


Cashmere lasts for years

With some simple care tips, your beautiful cashmere will last for a long time.  Avoid the fashion trap and invest in statement pieces that stand the test of time and always look stylish and beautiful.  See more on caring for your cashmere in our blog “Cashmere care = low cost per wear”.


Cashmere is incredibly versatile

A good cashmere sweater or cardigan looks great with almost everything in your closet.  It is something to keep at hand all year in our climate. 

I find it goes with casual jeans, skirts, pants, dressed up for nights out – you name it – it looks perfect.  Whether relaxing at home, running errands/weekend brunch, work, nights out – cashmere fits the bill beautifully.


It is the perfect accessory across all seasons

Cashmere is most definitely soft, cosy and warm, but being a breathable fibre, it is the perfect trans-seasonal accessory.

I keep our Relaxed Cardigan and classic sweaters on rotation all year round, as our weather can be unpredictable.


You Deserve Cashmere






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