It’s Easy to Fall In Love with Cashmere

Posted on March 03 2021

It’s Easy to Fall In Love with Cashmere

Why Does Everyone Love it so Much?

Cashmere is a natural wonder
and one of the most sought after and luxurious. Priced by gram, just like gold, it is often referred to as ‘soft gold’. It can take up to four goats to produce enough cashmere to make one simple women’s sweater, making it incredibly valuable. Once the fibre is ethically harvested, it then goes through over 20 steps to produce the finished garment you will enjoy for a lifetime. All of Modern Love Cashmere’s yarn is ethically sourced from Inner Mongolia.


Its beautifully soft
I can wear it next to my skin all day every day, unlike other woollen products. They simply do not compare with the soft feel of cashmere. It’s love at first touch when people discover the silky softness and what inspired me to want to share this with you, in the finest A grade quality and beautiful designs.


It is incredibly warm and insulating
Up to 8 times warmer than wool due to its amazing insulating properties. Being breathable, it helps regulate your temperature, meaning many pieces are wearable year round, like the “Relaxed Cardigan” and classic sweaters. But in winter, layering up cashmere is the ultimate cosiness.


Sooooo elegant and luxurious
Slipping cashmere on makes you feel special. And it looks even better than it feels. This gives cashmere garments a timeless quality, making it a staple for every wardrobe.


Cashmere is timeless
You can wear it season after season. And with cashmere’s amazing quality of getting better over time, you will never tire of your favourite Modern Love pieces. They can be dressed up or down and suit every body type, draping beautifully. Quality over quantity is the intelligent approach to styling your wardrobe.


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