What is Cashmere?

Posted on March 03 2021

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere comprises a scarce 2% of the worlds’ total animal fibre, elevating it into the true luxury sphere. It takes approx. 2-6 goats’ wool to make just one sweater.

It is often referred to as ‘soft gold’ as it is priced by the gram just like real gold, being precious and rare. But its more than just luxury, it’s a lifestyle.

Our herdsmen consider goats as their own children, a gift given by nature and pasture. The grasslands are the cradle of life and the foundation upon which the herdsmen rely.

Cashmere’s scarcity is due to the fact that it is only available from certain goats (Capra hircus) who thrive in remote, cold conditions like Inner Mongolia. Due to the extreme cold, the cashmere goat has developed an undercoat of remarkably thin hair fibres, which acts as an insulator and keeps the animal warm. This cashmere undergrowth is collected during spring moulting season, when the goats are naturally shedding their winter coat. And it is all done manually, with no machines involved. This hand-combing process is gentle on the goats and ensures the longest, highest-quality hairs only. (More on the differing qualities of cashmere in my blog “Are there different types/grades of cashmere”).

Cashmere wool fibre is the softest, warmest and lightest-weight natural fibre you can find, and it is up to 8 x warmer than normal wool. If like me, you can’t wear wool next to your skin as it is just too scratchy and makes you itch, this is for you. I can quite happily stay cocooned in cashmere all day and night long.

Being breathable, silky soft and light, it is wearable all year round. Especially in our increasingly changeable climate.

Peace of mind is the new luxury. With Modern Love Cashmere you have that, quality without compromise.

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